Northern Altay


  • Change of Old Turkic *d to /y/, e.g. Kuu-Kizhi aygïr 'stallion', Lower Chulym quyruq 'tail'.
  • Preservation of word-final and preconsonantal */G/, e.g. Kumandy-Kizhi tag 'mountain', Lower Chulym ayïɣ 'bear'.


  • This may be a wastebasket taxon. Lower Chulym and Kondoma seem to be related (although there is very little documentation of either), as do Kumandy-Kizhi and Kuu-Kizhi. However, it is as of yet unclear whether these two groupings are related. The above characteristics merely place these varieties as basal members of Common Turkic and are not especially unique.


Northern Altay
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    Northern Altay
    Spoken in:Russia; Tomsk and Kemerovo Oblasts, Altai Krai, Altai Republic