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  • Äynu is a cryptolect spoken only by men of the Äynu ethnic group.
  • Johanson disputes that Äynu is a mixed language, and calls it instead "just an Uyghur variety with a special vocabulary of non-Turkic origin" (2001:22).
  • It is a mixed language with Turkic grammatical elements and a mostly Persian vocabulary. For this reason I have not actively pursued adding any entries to the lexical database, as there are few to no elements of Turkic origin.


Johanson, Lars. 2001. Discoveries on the Turkic Linguistic Map. Skrifter: Svenska forskningsinstitutet i Istanbul 5. Stockholm: Svenska forskningsinstitutet i Istanbul.

Native name:Äynu
Alternate names:Ainu, Eynu, Abdal
Spoken in:China, Xinjiang, Tarim Basin
Number of speakers:6,600
ISO 639-3 code:aib