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  • Data for Cuman comes from the Codex Cumanicus, a medieval glossary and grammar written by Mediterranean traders to enable trade with the Cumans. Transcription of Cuman sounds is very irregular; I have attempted to reconstruct the original sound, but will likely need to revisit this first attempt.
  • Sounds not found in Latin are occasionally transcribed with superscripts. These have been rendered using CSS here, so there may be some display issues.


Codex cumanicus, Bibliothecae ad templum divi Marci Venetiarum primum ex integro editit prolegomenis notis et compluribus glossariis instruxit comes Géza Kuun. 1880. Budapest: Scient. Academiae Hung.

Alternate names:Middle Kipchak, Polovets
Spoken in:Steppe north of the Black Sea
Number of speakers:extinct
ISO 639-3 code:qwm