Crimean Tatar

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  • Forms labeled Crimean Tatar with no other qualification represent the standard, literary variety. Three so-called dialects exist: Steppe or Northern, Orta, and Coastal or Southern. These dialects exhibit different degrees of Oghuz or Kipchak influence, making it difficult to classify Crimean Tatar as a member of either family.
  • Crimean Tatar is a member of the areal Crimean Turkic conglomeration. For further details about the mixture that makes up this language, see that page.
  • The official standard is based on the Orta, or Middle variety spoken in the central Crimean mountains.

Writing System with Transcription

Aa (a)Bb (b)Cc (ǰ)Çç (č)Dd (d)Ee (e)Ff (f)Gg (a)
Ğğ (ɣ)Hh (h)Iı (ï)İi (i)Jj (ž)Kk (k)Ll (l)Mm (m)
Nn (n)Ññ (ŋ)Oo (o)Öö (ö)Pp (p)Qq (q)Rr (r)Ss (s)
Şş (š)Tt (t)Uu (u)Ûü (ü)Vv (v)Yy (y)Zz (z)


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Crimean Tatar
Native name:Qırımtatar tili
Spoken in:Crimea, Central Asia
Number of speakers:484000
Writing system:Latin, previously Cyrillic
ISO 639-3 code:crh
Last update:2022-03-15