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  • Dolgan is often regarded as a dialect of Sakha, despite the fact that it has its own literary standard.
  • The Dolgan writing system has varied considerably over time. The alphabet given below is the most recent version.

Writing System with Transcription

Аа (a)Бб (b)Вв (v)Гг (g)Дд (d)Ее (e, ye)Ёё (yo)Жж (ž)
Зз (z)Ии (i)Йй (y)Кк (k)Һһ (h)Лл (l)Мм (m)Нн (n)
Ӈӈ (ŋ)Оо (o)Өө (ö)Пп (p)Рр (r)Сс (s)Тт (t)Уу (u)
Үү (ü)Фф (f)Хх (x)Цц (ts)Чч (č)Шш (š)Щщ (šč)Ъъ
Ыы (ï)ЬьЭэ (e)Юю (yu)Яя (ya)
Several letters, including those without transcriptions noted, are found only in Russian loanwords.
Unlike Sakha, the two digraph sequences are not considered to be part of the alphabet: Дьдь (dʼ), Ньнь (ń).
There is a great deal of variation in the character that represents the sound [ŋ]. Ӈӈ, Ңң, Ҥҥ are all used.


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Approximate location of Dolgan speakers in Russia.
Approximate location of Dolgan speakers in Russia.
Native name:Dolgan tïla
Alternate names:Dulgan, Dolgaan, Dulgaan, Haka, Saka-Dulgaan
Spoken in:Russia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Taimyr Peninsula
Number of speakers:1,050
Writing system:Cyrillic
ISO 639-3 code:dlg
Last update:2022-03-11