Kondoma Shor

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  • Kondoma and Mrass have traditionally been considered dialects of a single language, despite the fact that they belong the different branches of Turkic and are reported to be mutually unintelligible.
  • The total number of Shor speakers is around 2,800. This includes speakers of both Kondoma and Mrass, which are treated separately here.
  • Chispiyakova (1991) lists the following dialects:
    • Lower Kondoma (Нижнекондомский говор): spoken along the Kondoma river and its tributaries Mundybash and Chumysh, and along the Tom from Bezrukovo to the Tom's confluence with the Lower Ters'.
    • Mundybash/Kalar (Мундыбашский (каларский) говор): spoken along the Mundybash river and its tributaries.
    • Antrop (Антропский говор ): spoken along the Antrop river.
    • Upper Kondoma (Верхнекондомский говор): spoken along the upper reaches of the Kondoma river from its confluence with the river Munzha up towards the Pyzas basin.
    • Pyzas (Пызасский говор): spoken along the Pyzas river


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Kondoma Shor
Approximate location of Shor varieties in Kemerovo oblast.
Approximate location of Shor varieties in Kemerovo oblast.
Native name:Šor tili, Tadar tili
Family:Northern Altay
Spoken in:Russia, Kemerovo oblast and surrounding regions