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  • Khakas is divided into four main dialects, many of which have prominent sub-dialects:
    • Sagay
      • Sagay
      • Beltir
      • Koibal
    • Xaas (a.k.a. Xaač, Kacha, Kachin)
    • Xyzyl
    • Shor
  • The literary dialect is based on the Sagay and Xaas dialects.
  • The Shor dialect is transitional to Mrass Shor, and shares many features with it.
  • Living Tongues considers Xyzyl to be a separate language. They report that it is severely endangered.


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Approximate location of Khakas speakers in Russia.
Approximate location of Khakas speakers in Russia.
Native name:Xakas tĭlĭ
Alternate names:Tadar
Spoken in:Russia, Khakassia and Krasnoyarsk Krai
Number of speakers:43,000
Writing system:Cyrillic
ISO 639-3 code:kjh