Halych Karaim

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  • Because the speakers of Karaim belong to the same ethno-religious group, there is a general consensus that speakers of the Trakai, Halych-Lutsk, and Crimean varieties all speak the same language.
  • The Halych-Lutsk dialect of Karaim has undergone a number of significant phonological changes as compared to other varieties of Karaim:
    • Shift of consonants: č→ts, š→s
    • Collapse of k/t distinction before i: e.g. tiz~kiz "knee"
    • Loss of front rounded vowels: ü→i, ö→e


Баскаков, Н. А., А. Зайончковский, С.М. Шапшал, eds. 1974. Караимско-Русско-Польский Словарь. Москва: Изд-во «Русский Язык».

Halych Karaim
Native name:Karaytse, Karay tili
Alternate names:Halych-Lutsk Karaim
Spoken in:Western Ukraine, perhaps parts of Poland, Galicia region
Number of speakers:6? Extinct?
Writing system:Cyrillic, Latin, Hebrew occasionally used
Last update:2022-03-15