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  • Not to be confused with the Mongolic Moghol language, spoken in Herat province. Although the two share a name, there is no linguistic connection.
  • Unlike speakers of Turki languages elsewhere in Afghanistan, speakers of Mogholi self-identify as Mogholi, rather than Uzbeks.
  • Hesche et al. employ Doerfer's transcription system. Their word list is similar to, but shorter than that of Doerfer.


Hesche, Wolfram, Wolf-Dieter Hildebrandt, and Andreas Thermann. 1979. "Das Moɣolî in Badachschan (Afghanistan)." Central Asiatic Journal 23:3/4: 176-236.

Native name:Moɣolī
Spoken in:Afghanistan, Takhar Province
Last update:2022-03-04