Mrass Shor

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  • Mrass and Kondoma have traditionally been considered dialects of a single language, despite the fact that they belong the different branches of Turkic and are reported to be mutually unintelligible.
  • The total number of Shor speakers is around 2,800. This includes speakers of both Kondoma and Mrass, which are treated separately here.
  • Although Shor has no official status, Mrass has been promoted as the literary standard and has been given a writing system. Grammars and dictionaries that refer to "Shor" generally refer only to Mrass, and not to Kondoma.
  • Chispiyakova (1991) lists the following dialects:
    • Lower Mrass (Нижнемрасский говор): spoken along the Mrass river from the Khomutov rapids its confluence with the Tom, and on the left bank of the Tom from the mouth of the Mrass to the village of Balbyn'. Forms the basis for the literary language.
    • Tom (Томский говор): spoken on both banks of the Tom and its tributaries from the border of Khakassia to the mouth of the Mrass, and further downstream on the right banks of the Tom up to the village of Kol'chezas.
    • Middle Mrass (Среднемрасский говор): spoken around the Anzas river, a tributary of the Mrass
    • Kabyrza (Кабырзинксии говор): spoken around the Kabyrza river and along the Mrass up to the village of Saga
    • Upper Mrass (Верхнемрасский говор): spoken in the upper reaches of the Mrass

Writing System with Transcription

Аа (a)Бб (b)Вв (v)Гг (g)Ғғ (ɣ)Дд (d)Ее (e)Ёё (yo)
Жж (ž)Зз (z)Ии (i)Йй (y)Кк (k)Ққ (q)Лл (l)Мм (m)
Нн (n)Ңң (ŋ)Оо (o)Ӧӧ (ö)Пп (p)Рр (r)Сс (s)Тт (t)
Уу (u)Ӱӱ (ü)Фф (f)Хх (x)Цц (ts)Чч (č)Шш (š)Щщ (šč)
ЪъЫы (ï)ЬьЭэ (e)Юю (yu)Яя (ya)
Several letters, including those without transcriptions noted, are found only in Russian loanwords.


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Mrass Shor
Approximate location of Shor varieties in Kemerovo oblast
Approximate location of Shor varieties in Kemerovo oblast
Native name:Šor tili, Tadar tili
Alternate names:Mrassu
Spoken in:Russia, Kemerovo Oblast, Altay Republic
Writing system:Cyrillic
ISO 639-3 code:cjs
Last update:2021-09-15