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  • Soyot is reported to be very similar to Dukhan, which is spoken directly across the border in Mongolia.
  • Most people in the Soyot ethnic group have switched to using Buryat and/or Russian as their primary languages.
  • In an effort to preserve the language, a Cyrillic-based writing system was developed in 2001.

Writing System with Transcription

Аа (a)Бб (b)Вв (v)Ғғ (ɣ)Дд (d)Јј (dʼ)Ее (e, ye)Ёё (yo)
Жж (ž)Зз (z)Ии (i)Іі (ĭ)*Йй (y)Кк (k)Ққ (q)Һһ (h)
Лл (l)Мм (m)Нн (n)Ҥҥ (ŋ)Оо (o)Өө (ö)Пп (p)Рр (r)
Сс (s)Тт (t)Уу (u)Үү (ü)Фф (f)Хх (x)Цц (ts)Чч (č)
Ҷҷ (ǰ)Шш (š)Щщ (šč)Ъъ†Ыы (ï)ЬьЭэ (e)Әә (ä)
Юю (yu)Яя (ya)
*Described as a palatal counterpart to ï. Unclear if this is a reduced vowel or a non-harmonic high back vowel.
†Indicates low tone in native words; this is transcribed with a grave accent, e.g. à, ö̀
Several letters, including those without transcriptions noted, are found only in Russian loanwords.


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Approximate location of Soyot speakers in Russia.
Approximate location of Soyot speakers in Russia.
Native name:Soyït tïl, Soyot tïl
Spoken in:Russia, Buryatia, Okinsky Rayon
Number of speakers:~3,600
Writing system:Cyrillic
Last update:2022-03-21