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  • Teleut is often considered a dialect of Altay. See that page for further information on the dialectal breakdown of the Altay languages.

Writing System with Transcription

Аа (a)Бб (b)Вв (v)Гг (g)Ғғ (ɣ)Дд (d)Јј (dʼ)Ее (e, ye)
Ёё (yo)Жж (ž)Зз (z)Ии (i)Іі (i)Йй (y)Кк (k)Ққ (q)
Лл (l)Мм (m)Нн (n)Ңң (ŋ)Оо (o)Ӧӧ (ö)Пп (p)Рр (r)
Сс (s)Тт (t)Уу (u)Ӱӱ (ÿ)Фф (f)Хх (x)Цц (ts)Чч (č)
Шш (š)Щщ (šč)ЪъЫы (ï)ЬьЭэ (e)Юю (yu)Яя (ya)
Several letters, including those without transcriptions noted, are found only in Russian loanwords.


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Location of Teleut among other Altay varieties. Teleut is (2).
Location of Teleut among other Altay varieties. Teleut is (2).
Native name:Teleŋet tili
Alternate names:Teleŋet/Telenget, Tadar, Payat
Spoken in:Russia; Kemerovo Oblast, Altai Republic and Altai Krai
Number of speakers:975
Writing system:Cyrillic
Last update:2022-03-08