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  • Tòfa has been written with a number of similar Cyrillic scripts. The main differences between these alphabets is the type of descender used on Ӄӄ and Ӈӈ. The one given is the most recent version, adopted as of 2005.

Writing System with Transcription

Аа (a)Бб (b)Вв (v)Гг (g)Ғғ (ɣ)Дд (d)Ее (e, ye)Ёё (yo)
Жж (ž)Зз (z)Ии (i)Іі† (i)Йй (y)Кк (k)Ӄӄ (q)Һһ (h)
Лл (l)Мм (m)Нн (n)Ӈӈ (ŋ)Оо (o)Өө (ö)Пп (p)Рр (r)
Сс (s)Тт (t)Уу (u)Үү (ü)Фф (f)Хх (x)Цц (ts)Чч (č)
Ҷҷ (ǰ)Шш (š)Щщ (šč)Ъъ*Ыы (ï)ЬьЭэ (e)Әә (ä)
Юю (yu)Яя (ya)
*Indicates low tone in native words; this is transcribed with a grave accent, e.g. à, ö̀
†Non palatalizing version of Ии.
Several letters, including those without transcriptions noted, are found only in Russian loanwords.


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Approximate location of Tòfa speakers in Russia.
Approximate location of Tòfa speakers in Russia.
Native name:Tòfa dïl
Alternate names:Tofalar, Karagas
Spoken in:Russia, Irkutsk Oblast
Number of speakers:93
Writing system:Cyrillic
ISO 639-3 code:kim
Last update:2022-03-17