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  • Baskakov (1958) describes the Tuba Kizhi as living "between the Katun' and Biya rivers, along the Uymen, Ryzha, Big and Little Izha, Sary and Kara-Kokshy rivers, and at at the edges of the upper reaches of the Mayma in the Choy (villages of Salganda, Inygra, Tushkenek etc.) and Turachak (villages of Kebezen', Artybash, etc.) aimaks."
  • Tuba-Kizhi exhibits certain features that it shares with the Northern Altay branch. It occasionally exhibits -Ig and -Ag in final position, rather than the expected -U/I or -UU. This appears to be due to contact with Kuu-Kizhi and Kumandy-Kizhi, rather than an inherited feature.
  • For further information about the relation between Tuba Kizhi and other Altay varieties, see the page for the Altay language.


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Location of Tuba Kizhi among other Altay varieties. Tuba Kizhi is (5).
Location of Tuba Kizhi among other Altay varieties. Tuba Kizhi is (5).
Native name:Tuba, Tuma, Tuva, Dʼiš, Tʼiš, Yiš
Alternate names:Tuba, Tubalar, Chernev Tatar
Spoken in:Russia, Altay Republic, between the Katun' and Biya rivers
Number of speakers:229
Last update:2021-09-29