About the map:

This map represents Turkic populations in various countries. Only countries with data from their censuses are shown here; see the navigation box for other countries.

The points on this map are sized based on population; each person represents a meter of diameter. Click on any point to see the name of the language and the location.

There are numerous issues with the methodology in these maps. First, some data represents ethnicity, not native language. However, this does provide a relatively accurate representation of what langauges are spoken where. Another issue is that ethnicity changes fairly often in censuses. For example, the various Astrakhan Nogay groups are not in the Russian data. Even if it were, speakers of those languages may variously identify as Tatar or Nogay for various reasons. Another issue is that this map does not show certain rural locations that are not recognized as settlements. This means that certain small groups are likely underrepresented in the data.

I am working to increase interactivity. For now, the only option is to select a language from the list below the map to see only that language. The map will zoom in or out and recenter based on the selection.