Other Projects

Several of my projects belong in this database but do not easily connect to other pages. These projects live here for now.


A discussion of the history of Turkic languages and peoples in Crimea, with a timeline of events.


A guide to using Radloff's Опыт словаря тюркских нарѣчій / Versuch eines Wörterbuches der Türk-Dialecte, a comprehensive guide to Turkic languages.


A guide to using Doerfer's works on the Turkic varieties of Iran.


A way to query what forms a given language or variety is missing. I use this frequently, and wanted to make it available to visitors.

Grammar Test

A page where I test possible ways of representing grammatical paradigms. Very skeletal currently.

Kuu Kizhi Dictionary

A test to see how best to represent a full dictionary of a single language. Not much there currently.

Sakha-English Dictionary

In 2006 I attempted to create a Sakha-English dictionary, which is available here. Data was taken from Krueger's Yakut manual, grammars, and other sources. It is by no means complete and inaccurate in many places. I do not recommend citing this or using it for serious research. Instead, use the dictionary at https://sakhatyla.ru/.