Site Template Updates

I’ve finalized the new site template. Now I just need to update every site with the new template (it’s really just a new side menu). The references page already has it, so you can see what everything will look like.

Because of the reorganization, I’m going to have to create a few new pages and fix a few others. I plan on spitting up the classification page from the tree contained within, and the about page needs some serious cleanup.

I wish there was an easier way to work with site templates, but I can’t find one…

Khorasani Turkic

This language (group of languages? cluster of relatively unrelated dialects?) is causing me headaches. Doerfer and Hesche (1993) collects word lists from 20-something locations in Khorasan, and in this 1993 work they group the varieties spoken in these locations into 5 dialects (NW, NE, N, SE, SW). This seems like a straightforward matter of gathering the data from all of these points, then dividing it into 5 different varieties – tedious, but doable.

The problems arise when you start to find the other ways that Doerfer classifies Khorasani. Are there actually only two dialects (north and south)? Are there three, based on which branch of Oghuz Doerfer assigns the varieties to — Central Oghuz (Southwest), Southern Oghuz (Northwest, Southwest), and East Oghuz (North, Northeast)? What about the places where he claims that varieties in Turkmenistan and even Uzbekistan can be considered varieties of Khorasani? This is a historically reasonable proposition, but ignores the fact that Turkmen and Oghuz Uzbek have had a good century of independent development thanks to Soviet language policy.

Doerfer’s works are based on the speech varieties found in different towns. He (justifiably) makes no attempt to unify his data into an aggregate average that can be treated as a unique language or dialect. This means that there is a ton of data that I could potentially use, but the question is how do I use it?

10000 Entries

I’ve hit 10000 entries in the lexical database. It would have been nice to have reached this at a nice stopping point, but I’m in the middle of entering Soyot terms. The 10000 entry is the Soyot word for ant: һымысқа. I estimate that I’ll be able to add about 5000 more entries, but more data may surface, so who knows.

Having reached this point I think it’s about time to reorganize the site. I have a better idea of what I want to do and need to make it more accessible.

For now, enjoy this map I’ve begun to mock up. Ideally, it will have overlays corresponding to different features. Once I’ve done a little cleanup this will need a home on the front page. Now on to finishing entering all the available data, figuring out what to do with Khorasani Turkic, working on a grammar template…

9000 Entries

I’m continuing to re-tool the side menu. I’ve got some nifty drop-downs I would like to implement.
I’ve reached 9000 entries. Lately I’ve been working on some unfinished business with the Northern Altay varieties and have started work on the Oghuz varieties in Iran. The 9000 entry, however, is from Ös. It’s the word for “to open”: ač-.