General Updates…

I’m at 11750 for the entry count, which means 12000 will come fairly soon.

I’ve slowed down a bit due to work and other considerations, and also because I’m running out of good data sources.  I’d love, for example, to find a good online Tatar dictionary. It’s so widely spoken that you’d think it exists, but I’ve had no luck finding one.

Because it is so difficult to find much information on certain languages, I’m going to start a wish list. Any information (citations, links, papers) would be very, very welcome for the following languages and varieties:

  • Lower Chulym
  • Kondoma Shor
  • Old Bolgar
  • Astrakhan Nogay – Alabugat Tatar, Nogay Karagash, Yurt Tatar
  • The Tom dialect of Siberian Tatar

I’m expecting to receive a Siberian Tatar dictionary via interlibrary loan soon. I have no idea whether this is a comprehensive account of the various dialects or if it’s some sort of new standard. Either way, expect more entries soon.

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