12000 forms!

We’ve hit 12000 entries in the database. The latest one is ҡош/qoš – Siberian Tatar for bird. I’ve got about 120 more entries to add for Siberian Tatar.

After I’m done with that, I think I’ll conduct a review of what I’m missing. I know I need to do some serious work to finish Turkish and Tatar (both relatively easy). After that, I’ll likely do some work on the Southern Oghuz languages. These will be a bit more complicated, and working on them might mean I have to reevaluate all of the data I have for these languages.

Something I’d like to research a bit is the Siberian Tatar month names. The dictionary I have lists two forms for each month – one Russian, and one native. I’m not sure where the native forms come from. They don’t look especially Turkic, and as far as I can tell, Tatar uses Russian month names exclusively now.

I’ve found an online Tatar-English dictionary, but haven’t explored it much: https://tt.oxforddictionaries.com/. This is super exciting, because I’ve had little luck finding a Russian-Tatar online dictionary.

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