Site updates

I’ve been working on making my tables more interactive. This has required a lot of Javascript, something I’m not completely comfortable with. I’ve learned a ton, though, so it’s been worth it.

I’ve mostly been testing on two of the less vital pages: Doerfer and Missing. So far, I’ve been able to make things sort with a degree of relative success. Ideally, each column would have it’s own sort order so that Azerbaijani, say, would sort differently from English. This is going to require a lot more research. Right now, I’m using the tablesorter and sugar libraries.

Two more things I’d like to do are to set long tables to be sticky – that means that the headers scroll down the page with you – and to introduce filtering options on the language-specific pages. It would be nice to be able to filter out nouns or pronouns or numerals or even colors or animal names.

I’m only at 16050 entries right now. Part of the reason for creating the Doerfer page is to make it easier to navigate his materials. I’d like to get more Southern Oghuz data entered, but it can be challenging without a separate index. This page will remedy that.

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