So close to 23000…

I’ve finished adding forms from both Azovian and Georgian Urum, as well as Iraqi Turcoman. I’m so close to 23000 entries, but have hit a bit of a block in terms of finding more sources for data. I don’t have access to the massive library collections that I used to, so I’m unable to get more data for Salar and other languages.

However, I am considering adding about 20-25 new glosses, including palm, glass, moustache, shovel, feces, poison, and coal. This is no small matter, as it means that I have to go back to all of my previously consulted sources and get new data. It’s a lot to keep track of and I’d prefer to have a large chunk to work on rather than a handful of easily mislaid words. Before I do any of this I’ll be updating the missing page to ensure that I’m focusing only on newly added glosses, rather than old ones that I know I can’t get translations for. We shall see. I may just try to come up with 50 so I don’t feel like I’m hopping between sources every day.

Nobody but spam bots seems to ever read this, but if anyone has any leads on Kondoma or Upper Shor, I’d appreciate it. I’ve seen some scholars brush it under the rug as just an endangered dialect, but I think it’s a linchpin that holds together the classification of Turkic. Losing Lower Chulym was devastating, but I think that Kondoma Shor is similar enough that it could fill in the missing insights that I had hoped would come from Lower Chulym.

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