25000 entries!

Quite the milestone. The 25000th entry is the Turkmen word for “strawberry”: ýer tudanasy (yer tūdanasï). It’s a compound, with ýer meaning “ground”. The tudana (note the long vowel) part is somehow related to tut “mulberry” and refers to the fruit of the mulberry tree. It’s one of those words that was likely passed back and forth between languages.

I’ve added a few new references and have gone back to add long vowels into the Turkmen data. Turkmen preserves long vowels in places that other languages don’t, so it’s vital for reconstruction.

I’ve already got a list of 27 potential new glosses to add like “chalk” and “jaw” and “knot”, as well as a ton of verbs of motion like “get on”, “enter”, “exit”, “arrive”. Maybe once I’ve finished with the data from the last 50 glosses I’ll add these new ones.

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