11000 forms!

I’ve hit 11000 forms in the database. This one’s not too exciting – it’s Turkish for “egg” – yumurta. Whenever I can’t hit an even number but want to insert a batch of forms, I’ll fill in the gaps with one of the easier languages. In this case it’s Turkish. Because Turkish is the easiest language to get data on, I’ve saved it for last.

In other news, I’ve come across discussion of language I’d never even heard of: Chanto. Chanto is a Turki variety spoken in Western Mongolia. The speakers identify as Uyghurs, although many sources call them Uzbeks. Their language is distinct enough to have its own entry, so I’ve set that up here. The same sources give some description of Altay Tuvan, and their data doesn’t neatly align with what I’ve already found. I’m not convinced that this new data is very good, but it’s all I’ve got to work with.